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  • Access to Menthor Q proprietary Quant Models
  • Key Gamma Levels on SPX, QQQ and VIX

  • CTAs and Volatility Control Models
  • Option Screeners
  • Access to Premium Discord Server
  • Premium Community of Traders
  • Discord Premium AI Bots

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Access to free Discord Server

Access to Premium Discord Server

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Key Gamma Levels on SPX, QQQ and VIX

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CTAs and Volatility Control Models

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Option Screeners

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Access to Menthor Q proprietary Quant Models

Premium Community of Traders

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  • Anne Marie
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  • Trustpilot
    Menthor Q changed my trading for the better
    Ilaria Russo

    Before discovering Menthor Q, their data and their courses, my options trading experience was full of losses and uncertainty. Things have finally taken a turn for the better. The course provided a structured approach to options trading, which helped me build a solid theory. I now have a clear understanding of options pricing, volatility, and various strategies. Most importantly, I’ve learnt how to manage risk effectively and protect my portfolio. The Daily report then helps me be more confident of my decisions and provides solid support. As a result I am avoiding over-trading and making mistakes.

  • Trustpilot
    24/7 Support

    Exceptional Course Support! Menthor Q’s support team is great. They have been instrumental in answering my questions and providing guidance, ensuring I get the most out of the course. They reply at any hour of the day and weekend. I really appreciate their dedication to the project.

  • Trustpilot
    I’ve been here for one month and the levels…

    I’ve been here 1 month and the levels have proven themselves to be money makers. Earned a long term subscription from me.

  • Trustpilot
    Great course

    Great course, data and insights are easy to understand but also very comprehensive and technical, actionable content.

  • Trustpilot
    Great study materials and course
    Enea Tarenzi

    I signed up for the course at the beginning of July. Great content and the teacher is able to simplify the theory of options trading. The course also offers a good practical section as well as teaching how to use the Menthor Q Models. Highly recommended.

  • Trustpilot
    Option course: game changer!

    I was a beginner option trader before taking this course, and I must say, it has been a game-changer for me. The course content is very detailed, but presented in a way that’s easy to understand, even for beginners like me. I’ve learned various trading strategies, risk management techniques, and how to analyze market trends effectively. The course also provided practical examples that helped solidify my knowledge. Thanks to this course and the daily report, my trading performance has improved significantly, and I now approach the market with more confidence.

  • Trustpilot
    I am a student of Menthor Q in Italy…

    I am a student of Menthor Q in Italy and have followed them for a couple of years. The team have helped me learn complex financial topics and the importance of investing. Thank you for the great work and the content you provide every day.

Frequent Questions

Why should a trader look at option data?

There are several reasons why traders should know how to use options:

1. Risk Management. Options provide traders with various strategies to manage and control risk effectively. 

2. Increased Profit Potential. Options offer traders the opportunity to leverage their capital and potentially generate higher returns compared to traditional stock trading. With options, traders can benefit from price movements in the underlying asset at a fraction of the cost, amplifying their profit potential.

3. Flexibility and Versatility. Options provide traders with a wide range of strategies to suit different market conditions and investment goals. Whether it’s hedging, speculation, income generation, or capital preservation.

4. Capital Efficiency. Options can enable traders to diversify their portfolio and gain exposure to multiple assets while optimizing the use of their available capital.

5. Access to Additional Income Streams. Options strategies enable traders to generate additional income from their existing stock positions. These strategies can help enhance overall returns and potentially create a consistent income stream.

6. Following Liquidity and the activity of Market Makers can help you be better positioned for bullish or bearish market movements.

Do I have access to the Menthor Q Team?

Absolutely! We are committed to your success and provide ongoing support throughout your learning journey. You will have access to a community of like-minded traders, where you can interact, ask questions, and share experiences.

Additionally, our expert instructors will be available to address any queries or concerns you may have along the way. You can contact the team directly at: [email protected]

Do you provide Educational Content?

Yes, we provide free educational resources such as articles and guides that cover options trading, greeks and delta hedging. You can find them under the Resources Section of our website. These resources can help both beginners and experienced traders enhance their understanding of options trading.

On top we have created a Premium Options Trading Course that you can find in the Academy Section.

What will I find inside the Membership?

Through our Premium Discord Server you will access a series of Query and Auto Post Bots that will provide you with Data and Insights leveraging the Menthor Q Models.

  • Our Options and Liquidity Model will help you understand the Delta Hedging activity of Market Makers and how it affects the market. 
  • You will access Market Positioning by looking at Option Chain Data. This is a Sentiment model to understand what investors are thinking about the asset.
  • Access Actionable Data via our Option Matrix. 
  • Integration with TradingView. You can integrate our data directly into TradingView and make faster and more accurate decisions.
  • Coverage of Indices, Stocks and ETFs and soon Crypto and Futures
  • Access to our CTAs and Vol Control Models
  • Access our Options Screeners and more

Check out our Resources Portal for more information on our data.

Who is the Membership for?

The membership is designed to support a wide range of users.

  • Beginners can benefit from simplified options strategies, educational content, and user-friendly interfaces to learn and practice trading.
  • Intermediate and Experienced traders can leverage advanced tools and sophisticated analysis to refine their strategies.
Why should I choose Menthor Q?

Menthor Q is a leading TradeTech company that specializes in developing advanced quantitative models for active investors.

Our team, made up of industry experts, is dedicated to making the financial markets more accessible and understandable for our clients. We provide cutting-edge tools that give our users access to institutional-grade data and analytics. We simplify the market and provide you the tools to make actionable decisions.