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Unlock the full potential of your TradingView Experience

Trade smarter with the Menthor Q Levels Indicator, your TradingView edge for spotting market opportunities with confidence and precision.

Trade Smarter, not Harder

Pinpoint Accuracy

Pinpoint Accuracy

Capture the essence of the market’s movements with laser-focused Q Levels, designed to enhance your decision-making process
Real-Time Analysis

Real-Time Analysis

Stay ahead of the game with live updates, giving you the edge in fast-paced trading environments
Real-Time Alerts

Real-Time Alerts

Never miss an opportunity with our smart alert system that notifies you when potential trades align with your criteria
User Friendly

User Friendly

Intuitive by design, our indicator is suitable for both novice traders and seasoned professionals
Key Levels Key Levels

Key Levels

Leverage our Q-Levels together with real time data. Use the key levels in the most advanced charting application together with your favorite Technical Indicators.

Real Time Alerts Real Time Alerts

Real Time Alerts

Leverage Real Time Alerts on Key Levels and never miss an opportunity.

Q-Levels Table Q-Levels Table

Q-Levels Table

The Table enables traders with two advantages: first, facilitating easier comprehension of the levels, and second, providing timely alerts regarding the proximity of these levels to the current spot price.

Q-Levels on Futures Q-Levels on Futures

Q-Levels on Futures

Leverage Q-Levels on ES, NQ and RTY futures.

Set up the Menthor Q Levels Indicator for TradingView

Watch our Demo on how to leverage the Menthor Q Levels Indicator for your trading.

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