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A daily update together with actionable data coming from the Menthor Q Models.

Menthor Q Levels

The Data you need to start your Trading Day



Our Daily Report with our insights to prepare your trading
Gamma Levels

Gamma Levels

Access our Gamma and Liquidity Levels on SPX, QQQ and VIX
Simplified Data

Simplified Data

Leverage actionable insights for your trading and make sense of complex data sets


With our models and visualization you can easily assess market risks and opportunities. All the data in one place
Daily Research Daily Research

Daily Research

Every morning you will receive an update from Menthor Q Research. The note will go over macro trends, market positioning and key market moving themes.

Key Levels Key Levels

Key Levels

Access Menthor Q Levels on SPX, QQQ and VIX. These Gamma and Liquidity Levels can become key price levels to improve your trading strategy. A change in gamma exposure could lead to market volatility.

TradingView TradingView


Access the Menthor Q Levels directly on TradingView. Integrate them with your favorite indicators and enhance your investing decisions.

Market Positioning Market Positioning

Market Positioning

Understanding Market Positioning coming from the Options Market is key for a successful strategy. Looking at Gamma Exposure around key strikes can help you better manage your trading.

Understanding Volatility Understanding Volatility

Understanding Volatility

Our Models allow you to understand the volatility regime of your asset. To be successful as a trader you need to trade on the right side of volatility.

Actionable Data Actionable Data

Actionable Data

Our models provide access to the entire monthly option chain, including key levels, greeks exposure, open interest, volumes by strike, and more. Using the Menthor Q Data can help you visualize positioning throughout the month, quickly access Greeks exposure throughout the month and identify key dates with potential market volatility throughout the month.

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What can you find in the Free Daily Report?

  • Daily Note
  • Actionable Data on SPX, QQQ and VIX
  • TradingView Indicator
  • Simplified Options Data
  • Access to our Free Discord Server
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