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Meet the
Menthor Q team

We are a leading TradeTech company that specializes in developing advanced quantitative models for active investors.

Our team, made up of industry experts, is dedicated to making the financial markets more accessible and understandable for our clients.

We provide cutting-edge tools that give our users access to institutional-grade data and analytics. By leveraging the power of Big Data and AI, Menthor Q enables investors to quickly and easily analyze vast amounts of market information, giving them a competitive edge in the financial markets.

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An expert in Fintech, he gained his skills working for two Fintech Multinationals and a startup in the alternative data space. He has worked closely with the largest Banks, Hedge Funds, and Asset Managers in Europe and the USA. He has developed his skills in various areas: finance, investment strategies, and alternative data. He has over 16 years of experience in Enterprise Business Development. London is the city where he started his career in finance. He further developed his professional path in Spain and Australia. Today he lives and works between New York and Miami. Leveraging on his experience in alternative data, with a groups of traders and quants he is now focused on building Menthor Q.


An expert in Trading, he has worked for Investment Banks, and Market Makers. He specializes in Structured Macro Trading, Fundamental Analysis for investment valuation, M&A, special projects, and derivatives. He started his academic journey in London, where he began his career in finance. Today he lives and works in Milan.

Chief Technology Officer

An expert in programming and automation scripting, he built his expertise through numerous projects developed in R&D. He has worked for several multinational companies such as Safran and GE. He now applies his experience, acquired in the quantitative field, to finance to implement quantitative finance models that automate investment strategies. After completing his university studies, he collaborated with the Polytechnic University of Turin as a researcher. Today he continues to collaborate with universities and startups. He lives and works in Switzerland. As a consultant, he supports manufacturing companies operating in the electric machinery sector.

Capital Advisor

Founder of numerous startups that he successfully brought to exit. He has 12 years of experience in the venture capital industry and has collaborated with several international financial groups. He supports startups as a growth & strategic capital advisor.

Chief Innovation Officer

He specializes in architecting, developing, and deploying innovative platforms and products based on multi-tenant Cloud Data Services where he leverages Big Data Analytics, AI and Technological Innovation. He is excited to leverage his expertise to identify and support the most promising startups, helping them thrive in this competitive landscape. He has an executive education from Stanford GSB and today he works and lives between Silicon Valley and Miami.


With a passion for math, finance, quantitative methods, and technology. He achieved a Bachelor’s degree specializing in Banking, Finance, and Insurance Sciences with a curriculum in quantitative finance and insurance. Continuing his academic journey, Leonardo started his Master’s degree in Banking and Finance with a curriculum in trading and risk management. As a key member of the Menthor Q Research team, Leonardo dedicates his expertise to the development, testing and evaluation of innovative trading strategies and models.

Chief Data Scientist

He brings over two decades of expertise in Machine Learning Engineering, R&D, and leadership, with a robust background in both the tech industry and academia. As a seasoned leader, he excels in orchestrating geographically diverse engineering and data science teams to deliver intricate projects efficiently and cost-effectively.

Holding a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence, Haris has delved deep into the synergies of Machine Learning, NLP and Large Language Models (LLM), Knowledge Graphs, Predictive Analytics, and Big Data.

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