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Menthor Q Project Update: December 2023

When we embarked on the journey to build Menthor Q we wanted to create the platform that is currently not available in the market. 

The plan of this project was based on our experience in the markets combined with our quant background. 

Every trader wants actionable information, easy to understand in a user friendly format. The issue we all have today is that to be able to access all the relevant information one has to access different platforms. 

Starting from the option chain, there are many platforms out there, all of them have some information but not the full picture. So you are stuck jumping around and having to subscribe to different providers. 

The same applies to institutional traders. A trader on Wall Street uses the likes of Bloomberg for data, builds his own models but is also looking at different subs the entire time. Then if you want to look at momentum or systematics it becomes another issue. You have to once again jump around to find the right subscription. 

One of the benefits that our team has is the mixed background. This is allowing us to understand how to build the All-in Q-App.  

We are trying to create one platform where you can access your options, momentum, futures and systematic data. There are obviously challenges in building something like this. 

Getting the right data, having the right database and data feed. But not only, while there is a core team, to be able to scale, one has to be able to attract the right talent. To date, while we have had some challenges, we have been able to stay on track and build around the core team with strong support on the development side. 

As we continue to grow, please continue to reach out if you think you have the skills to help us grow especially on the development side.

Apart from the development of the back end, in parallel we have continued to build models. While we would like to have more models, we also know that if we start releasing models without support, traders will get lost. We have noticed that current models as well as the usability of Discord is not always straightforward. 

So while we continue to build models, we are also actively looking for ways to make the usability of the models and Discord easier for everyone. 

The Trade Structuring Channel

These are the challenges that our users have raised:

  • How to use Discord: as we said many times, until we have the Q app up and going, Discord is the best channel to release models. While there is a free option and a free chat, the value is really found in the Premium section.

The channels are very straight forward. Every morning data is added to the different channels. The one that is different is the Query Bot. But it is also the channel that gives you more value, because that is where you can download all our models for the assets you trade. 

When we rebuilt the website we dedicated a section to the Query Bot. You can find it here. There is also a video, it is three minutes, but they are worth it. How to use Discord Bots

We then have a second challenge…

  • Understanding the models. Once our users find our models, the next challenge is knowing what to do with them. This is not only a problem for the user but also for us. Because before we can release more complex models like volatility surfaces or quick delta, it is necessary that our users understand what we have now, and how to use them.

We have created a new Website to help our users better leverage our data. This is what you can find on the site

  • Free Material: the Guides section of the new website has a ton of free information . This will really get you up and running. Read our Guides
  • Academy: we created our course which is more advanced, you really dig deeper in volatility, the greeks and start thinking about trade structuring with options. Access the Academy 
  • Trade Structuring Channel. Finally the new channel on Discord. We will have a new dedicated resource that will post every day a new trade. But the process as we have explained in previous newsletters is one where we help you understand the data and then structure/risk manage a trade based on what our models are telling you.

The new channel will be run by Paul. We had the pleasure of getting to know Paul with time. He has been one of our subscribers from the beginning. We got to know him, and appreciated his experience in trading and his attitude and willingness to always share ideas and explain to other members how he decides to put up a trade.

Paul began investing in the late 1970s, actively trading during the mid-90s Bull Market and experimenting with derivatives. He managed a balanced portfolio around 2000, which shielded from major losses. Post-retirement, he started focusing on options trading, studying the “McMillan Bible” and Options Greeks, and transitioned to selling premiums and concentrating on SPX and other indices from 2017. 

He delved into Gamma and market structure in 2020. With over 40 years experience he will be a new great addition to the Menthor Q Team. We look forward to start this journey.

New Development: Momentum Indicator for TradingView

Before we wrap up for the week. We know that a lot of you like to use momentum indicators. Honestly, we do too, we like to combine them with our option charts for confirmation of what we are seeing. 

All the momentum charts will be available in Discord as soon as we finish with the database and the backend of Menthor Q. We think we should be able to wrap this up in the next month or so. That was honestly the hardest part of the project. But promise we are getting there.

Back to the new indicator. We created a code that can be used with our Gamma Levels and integrates key indicators within Technical Analysis for your Trading. The new tool combines the three indicators

  • Support and Resistance Levels
  • Dynamic Fibonacci Retracements
  • Volume Profile

We have already created a support page. More details here. Menthor Q Momentum Indicator 

The indicator will be available for Premium Subscribers.

Momentum Indicator

You can access all our Premium Models and Indicators within the Premium Membership.

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