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Why should a trader look at option data?

There are several reasons why traders should know how to use options:

1. Risk Management. Options provide traders with various strategies to manage and control risk effectively. 

2. Increased Profit Potential. Options offer traders the opportunity to leverage their capital and potentially generate higher returns compared to traditional stock trading. With options, traders can benefit from price movements in the underlying asset at a fraction of the cost, amplifying their profit potential.

3. Flexibility and Versatility. Options provide traders with a wide range of strategies to suit different market conditions and investment goals. Whether it’s hedging, speculation, income generation, or capital preservation.

4. Capital Efficiency. Options can enable traders to diversify their portfolio and gain exposure to multiple assets while optimizing the use of their available capital.

5. Access to Additional Income Streams. Options strategies enable traders to generate additional income from their existing stock positions. These strategies can help enhance overall returns and potentially create a consistent income stream.

6. Following Liquidity and the activity of Market Makers can help you be better positioned for bullish or bearish market movements.