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What is the Blind Spot Strategy?

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What is the Blind Spot Strategy?

Patrick who heads the Menthor Q Futures Trading Room shared his approach to trading futures using Gamma Levels. He uses Gamma Levels to spot Blind Spots or Market Reaction Zones. 

He looks very close at correlation between assets to spot additional market reaction zones to be more profitable. For example if you are trading NQ Futures, you need to pay attention to what is happening with other assets like SPX or SPY. These assets can have an influence in driving the price action on NQ. 

Screenshot 2024 05 12 at 4.40.41 PM

Now let’s look at this chart of NQ with the NQ Levels from May 10th 2024. The chart can provide us some really interesting levels to plan your trading plan.

NQ1 2024 05 11 17 36 48

Now let’s add the SPX Levels

Now what happens when we add the SPX Levels to our NQ Chart? By adding this correlation we can now spot some very interesting areas. For example the SPX 1D Max in the NQ chart would have given us a perfect confirmation for a short entry.

On Tuesday we will discuss about this in more details!

NQ1 2024 05 11 17 43 23

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