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What will I find inside the Membership?

Through our Premium Discord Server you will access a series of Query and Auto Post Bots that will provide you with Data and Insights leveraging the Menthor Q Models.

  • Our Options and Liquidity Model will help you understand the Delta Hedging activity of Market Makers and how it affects the market. 
  • You will access Market Positioning by looking at Option Chain Data. This is a Sentiment model to understand what investors are thinking about the asset.
  • Access Actionable Data via our Option Matrix. 
  • Integration with TradingView. You can integrate our data directly into TradingView and make faster and more accurate decisions.
  • Coverage of Indices, Stocks and ETFs and soon Crypto and Futures
  • Access to our CTAs and Vol Control Models
  • Access our Options Screeners and more

Check out our Resources Portal for more information on our data.